The paper is a detailed description of what are necessary for me to responsibly get a job in the field of interior design. In this paper, I bring forward my unique characteristics that will make me valuable and competitive in the eye of potential employers, I also have investigated where the jobs are. In addition to that, the necessary qualification requirements for the post are also highlighted. The essay also provides a forecast of the profession by looking at trends and projections in the field of interior design. Finally the paper describes in brief who my degree will help me upon attainment.

According to (Ball, 2) over the years, the field interior design has gained a lot of recognition due to its ability to provide a myriad of activities such as sketching, shopping, designing and arranging to mention but a few. Interior design have there been defined as a multi-faceted profession that entails application of creative/innovation as well as technical solutions within a structure/building to attain a built interior environment.

Why I should be hired as an interior designer

I am a young energetic person who is very innovative and artistic. Similarly I always see my self in future being responsible for redesigning either my college/school, I can comfortably work in a team helping others and at the same time ready to learn new things from the team members while solving emerging problems. In addition, I have very strong interpersonal skills which I know are vital for any interior designer to successfully accomplish his/her desired outcomes.

I can clearly communicate and actively listen. Another unique characteristic that I believe is my strong point is my excellent management strategies which entail time management as well as project management. Am also ready to work anywhere and customer focused, they are always right and thus need to be satisfied. I also possess very strong computer and analytical skills.

Where the jobs are

Interior design job opportunities are found in various firms such as architecture and interior design ones, manufacturing, hospitality industry, sales and marketing to mention but a few. Due to increase in human population as well as increase in personal earning which is attributed to stable and growing world economy, it is projected that these two factors will spur demand for residential and commercial interior design experts. Technological innovations seem to change almost everything concerning interior designing, such as advertisement. The positions range from entry level interior supervisor, interior design assistant to kitchen and bath assistant designer (Farr, 54).

Current entry requirements

The present minimum requirements for one to be eligible in interior design job include; interior design education, work experience in interior design jobs, must pass NCIDQ examination. In addition, artistic abilities, teamwork ability and organizational skills as well as managerial skills are desired.  Finally, the degree will be my stepping stone toward advancement of my carrier especially when it will come to having an advanced university degree, I will use it to register/apply for post-graduate studies.

Entry requirements in the next 2-4 years

In the next 2-4 years, in addition to the above requirement, to be eligible for a post as an interior designer will need one to possess a university degree in interior design as well as being a licensed interior designer. Similarly, possession of Arch CAD knowledge may be essential. I also foresee a situation whereby an advance university degree such as masters will be a basic requirement.

Job safety

With rising appreciation of what interior design can achieve from safety, aesthetic to therapeutic functions, more and more industries are seeking to incorporate this concept into their organizations. In addition, it has been noted that there is increase in human population with persistent change in needs concerning safety, beauty among other thing, this coupled with the fact that most of these individuals have experience increase in their personal earning, this leaves me very optimistic that the field of interior design will still be in existence 10 years down the line if only it will continue adopting new innovation to meeting customers demand, needs and aspirations.  

Earning a degree

A bachelor’s degree will prepare me in sketching and rendering, space planning for residential and commercial spaces, drafting traditionally and using computer assisted programs, sustainability and green design and will also instill me with art history, architecture and furniture. More importantly, the degree will help me be better placed especially when it will be a requirement to have one before being licensed as an interior designer.

One job that a bachelor’s degree was required is the one posted on 26/08/2010 at 14:23, titled Automotive Interior Design Engineer, a university degree in automotive engineering was one of the qualifications (Totaljobs, 1). In addition, attainment of the degree will be my bargaining tool for a competitive salary as well as earning me a strong status in the job market

Opportunities for job advancement

Due to the fact that not very many people are of the opinion that interior design is a glamorous field, competition is not that fierce, for this reason, job opportunities will be available providing me with an opportunity to rise in the realm of leadership and or even start my own business.

Accordingly, the present technological advancements leaves every person in this field to be optimistic that it advancement will also translate into this field of interior design.

The changing human needs and aspiration coupled with increased personal income live rooms for further creativity in the field of interior design (Farr, 12-17).

Consuming public trending towards interior design

According to (Jenkinson, 1), an increasing numbers of the public are in one way or another associated with and appreciative of interior design. This field of interior design has been used more notably in the furniture industry. Recently, it has been established that a number of designers have turned to what is called ‘up-cycling’. This is where component parts of a redundant object are taken and used to construct new and useful furniture or objects hence cutting down on the use of new materials, the concept behind this is to conserve the environment.

For instance, Taylor Helen a designer of Ose Designs weaved lampshades using pine floor trusses, old frame and redundant silk saris and yarns. These seem to have captured the eyes of the consumer but not widely adopted but research indicates that in the near future furniture consumption will stem from the basis of adopting eco-friendly furniture.  


I look forward to a bright future in my field of interior design as there are opportunities for job advancement, job security. A number of industries ranging from hospitality to architectural firms need interior designers. Although, there are possibilities of changes in the minimum entry requirement, the ability to further my education will help me counter this.

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