The beauty of a beach with its numerous habitation of birds and other sea creatures like seals, sea lions is what makes La Jolla cove and caves a luxurious tourist attraction center. While travelling through the city, residents of San Diego in California make the centre point of attraction scenery (Danson 2008). It comprises welcoming neighbors and beautiful animals and birds which loom freely through its beaches and caves. Due to the location, the ocean makes it a strategic attraction to the small, but various communities of the La Jolla residents. It offers important benefits towards the society generating income for the locals, conservation measures also helps them in getting the necessary resources for co-habiting with the sea and birds.

Many photographs which have been taken in the La Jolla coves and caves illustrate the richness of the preserved local ecosystem in the sea and in the air (Botello 2011). The La Jolla acts like the centre of congregation, where the sea lions and seals either dry themselves, rest from the oceanic currents of water torrents. Birds also converge on the same locality to dry, rest and ,may be, lay eggs apart from being a rich source of food in the beaches. Birds also act like scavengers who unearth worms and fish as a source of food. The photographs also illustrate the nature landscape being the basic source of habitation for birds and seals. After swimming in water, they take a rest on the beaches with their poults (Basch  2012).The coves also provide shelter for these birds, as much it helps the seals to raise their young ones, apart from the untidy waters, till poults are fit to tend themselves.

Therefore, having a beach which has a variety of caves not only helps to save the sea and air life, but also is a good shelter for the birds like in the La Jolla coves. Birds and seals create better beautiful scenery to watch, thus becoming a center for tourist attractions for the many travelers and residents too.

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