Leon Ransmeier was born in New York USA and grew up in the states where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in furniture design at the Rhode Island school of design in 2001. Later in 2002 he moved to the Netherlands in where he felt he could do his work more satisfactorily. Further more, he believed the he could apply his knowledge in the Netherlands in a more sustainable manner

Ransmeier is a designer with a passion for furniture design as well as a range of other fields of designs. For instance, he has greatly contributed to other fields of design like industrial design where by he together with Andrew Hughes designed a bubble tank. As a talented designer Ransmeier has not only worked with top designers but also cofound a company with a fellow designer, Gwendolyn Floyd (discussed later) known as Floyd and Ransmeier. The company was launched in 2005 and has gone leaps and bound to make a mark in the design industry. Another reason for his immigration to the Netherlands was to get away from the usual American market to a more dynamic European market. Certainly he finds the European market to be more diversified artistically and provides room for multi-tasking. Having made himself a name in design, Leon has earned an opportunity to do what he does best, designing very innovative and unique products, although there have been a lot of issues that have come up concerning the creativity of the designer (Designer Life Now. 2006).

A multi-tasker by nature, Leon Ramseier has managed to to concentrate on his solo career as a designer , work with other reputable top designers and still manage to concentrate on the creation he has together with his longtime partner and friend Gwendolyn Floyd. They have been jointly running the company as partners ever since, although they still maintain solo projects and has succeeded in both ways.

Gwendolyn Floyd on the other hand was born in Houston Texas in 1979, same as Leon. She studied cultural theory and history at the Browns University and also holds a B.A from design Academy in Eindhoven. She previously worked with Phillips, a period during which she an innovation consultant and trend analyst for various major companies.

Floyd hand initially had an internship at the industrial facility Design studio in London before getting into the main industry of Design. She has portrayed a great deal of creativity and a character of design and consultation that made big companies hire her or look for her assistance for research purposes. Floyd has done numerous works in research regarding the effect of ecological changes and how integrated products have impacted on the market the profitability and the modern society’s sustainability.

Her contribution to large architectural designs been evident in every project she has participated in. Gwendolyn Floyd keenly focused on unique approaches such as ‘how designs and art interact with modern technology in the modern society. She always aims at bringing to the lime light aspects of design and material that are rarely thought of by the contemporary society

Apart from Leon Ransmeier, Gwendolyn has worked with Joshua Kauffmann to form REGIONAL, an interdisciplinary office or firm that analyses global society culture and commerce business and other creativity in a profitable way. The firm has taken to research and consultancy in the role of culture and its meaningfulness of the modern area of work.

The two designers Floyd and and Ramseur shared part of their past from the days at the university and have a common characteristic in their approach to things. They met at a hardware in college and quickly formed a bond. The two have deigned products ranging from furniture to shoes that are commendable and further found ways to massive production for wider market (McKeough, 2010).They have a wide clientele base.

They have worked with big names such as Drool and Danese. Others notable ones include Maw Designs, Servien Lightening and Vtaemsh. Amazingly they share a variety of mentors a fact clearly portrayed in their work. Ransmeier and Gwendolyn have worked almost in every sector and made a venture out of it. For instance, Gwendolyn has worked on research for a firm that sought to know the sustainability of their products through the ecology. On the other hand she has worked and designed various products from the textile and ceramics industries.

Together they have come up with a creative aspect of hang on easy lamp. It’s a design of a product that ensures comfort ability of the user and enhances efficiency. The designers especially Leon considered a wise choice to include the aesthetic value to this kind of concept. Having it nice to look at, the easy hang on lamp is efficient as it takes minimum space. The hang on lamp has further been redesigned into various designs as well as colors and shapes.  Its easy to handle and use.

Another piece of creation by Leon includes the work boot with high durability cycle as well as comfort and healthy. The booth is made pure leather-100% leather which ensures durability. In this design Leon eliminated the element of stitching to improve on efficiency and durability.  The work boot has a wide range of application ranging from light factory working environment to a daily home maintenance shoes that can be worn while doing domestic chores.

 Gwendolyn has also come up with industrially produced plastic in a mass way. This concept has been received since it is a cheap and productive way of production. There is also and easy concept of convenience credited to his name. This is a gradient rack dish; the rack has a commendable aesthetic value and consumes little space. The designer in her fork has represented a simple yet effective aspect in her work to be held in the sense that wide range of benefits has been attached to the products (Sherman, 2007).

Each designer has tried to represent a clear aspect regarding their views. For instance, Gwendolyn has tried to come up with more simple, cheaper and long lasting aspects in her design. She has designed objects and products that have a long term solutions to different problems. She has used her prowess to invent ideas and based those ideas in her research. By being a “qaudriple-tasker” as she may fondly refer to herself, she has managed to bring a wide range of expertise to the table in a number of fields.

Leon on the other hand has a passion for elegance and simplicity which is clearly visible in a number of his works including the work boot. He defines the style of a simple but effective pieces of design that have a touch of professionalism. Leon believes that the art scene for design has an obvious approach hence he prefers to venture to a more descriptive and more expressive way of doing things.

Both the designers have a great deal of similarity in that they portray a character of creativity as well as the passion for their new approach to issues. They also posses a multi-tasking ability citing the number of fields they can handle at the same time. They can brainstorm and come up with simple solution to complex problems as evidence by the piece of art they create. Their works have been greatly appreciated and given wide range of analysis by various magazines and sites. This is an indication that they have had a commendable impact and the designers have a large audience. Their future seems to be very promising

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