Sustainable Fashion is also referred to as ‘eco fashion. Sustainable fashion is an essential topic especially for the new and current designers. It is a small part of the developing fashion of the sustainable design. The field deals with production of garments carefully considering the environment and social issues which it may affect. Several designers are adapting to sustainable fashion and have impacted on the design world. They have shown the society how possible it is to use recycled materials to make attractive, and creative garments rather than burning or burning them which not only destroys the environment but also wastes resources. Sustainability has become essential in the design process. Therefore, it will be enormous significance for future the designers (Hethorn & Ulasewicz 2008).

Loan a Garment

University students have many unwanted clothes which they think are out of fashion or oversize. These garments are thrown in the pit and burnt or used as rags for cleaning the hostels. However, what is buggy to one student is a skin-tight to another student. Additionally, what one student sees as out of fashion is another student’s hot fashion. This is an important aspect in a sustainable fashion. It will help the students in the entire institution and the design industry at large (Sass 2010).

Students could bring unwanted but clean and wearable condition garments to QUT library and rent them out to willing students. One to three working days will be used for inspection of the condition of the garment. At the same time, students who submit their garments will be informed through emails on the number of garments received by QUT library. Later, if the garments are accepted for renting, the student will receive an email with confirming the garments rejected and the reason for rejection. The staff will also communicate to the students of the number of garments for loan and renting price for each garment. Each garment will have a specific barcode for renting as well.

In case the garments presented are in bad condition which is unacceptable for loan, the student will have a maximum of seven days to take them back. At the end of the seven days, the QUT library will donate the garments to Salvation Army, Red Cross or other agencies which distribute clothes to the needy. The students will not blame the Library after this action as it will be clearly known.  


  1. Application to borrow the garments will be made at the circulation desk by the borrower
  2. Students must use student ID card to rent a garment (the same way using printing service), certain amount will apply, the renting price for each garment from 1 to 5 dollars, depend on the kind of garment, for example an evening dress will charge more than daily wears.
  3. The maximum number of garment student can borrow is three, no further than this, until the garments are returned, student are not allowed to borrow other garments. Garments are not available for recall.
  4. The librarian may withhold or restrict the circulation of a certain garment as circumstances may dictate.
  5. Student have 20 days period to wear the garment that borrowed from the library and must return the garment in clean and wearable condition, otherwise there will be a penalty.
  6. Borrowers are responsible for protecting the garments in their possession against any damage. They must report to the librarian any loss or damage of the garments. Condition of the garment will be certified on borrowing and during discharging or cancellation of loan.
  7. A borrower remains responsible for the garment on loan as long as the loan record remains unchanged.
  8. No garment will be removed beyond the library control unless it has been duly issued at the circulation desk.


The librarian will be empowered to levy fines upon any reader who fails to return the garments within the loan period. However, there will be no charge of fines made for days when the circulation desk is closed.

Half of the profit will go to QUT library, and the other half will go to the student who brought in the garment for rental. Students will deposit money into their student ID card using the deposit machine. Every time a student borrows a garment, they need to swipe their student ID card. This event is available for QUT student only. The time for this event will be held semester through semester.


Sustainable fashion is part of the growing philosophy of sustainability which aims at supporting social and environmental issues. Sustainable fashion concentrates on producing garments which consider environmental and social issues such as human life span and reduced costs of living (Fletcher 2008).  The aim of the research is investigating the intensity of sustainable fashion in the university. It looks at the importance of recycling garments, which will benefit the future environment. The research will benefit students who borrow the garments and those who bring their garments to lend. This will ultimately benefit designers, consumers and the entire society (Matilda 2007).

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