It is apparent that organizational success is often determined by the extent of leadership and controls as well as the manner in which important decisions are made. Whenever managers practice incompetency, their firms end up collapsing thereby affecting the quality of their lives. These theoretical perspectives have governmental application and it means that members of the congress and senate have to come with legislations that aim at improving the lives of all citizens. It is the management theory that best describes this segment of the American government. It is the role of any management to facilitate the initiation of good decisions that reflect the will of the majority (Hofmann, 2007). The legislations passed by this segment of the government need to be aimed at improving the lives of all citizens without bias or favor. Decision making processes need the representation of all people (Henderson & Hooper, 2006). Just like in any organization operating in the corporate sector, the American segment of government should be represented by both men and women across all ethnic and racial boundaries within the country.

The issue of child labor has been growing and is immense in developing countries. Multinational corporations may reduce this social problem by initiating projects that are aimed at increasing education opportunities for all young people and ensure that some of the parents who have some relevant skills are offered jobs. The main causes of child labor are poverty and unemployment (Bhargava, 2003). Therefore, these corporations can only tackle the problem by ensuring that children are able to attain the necessary skills required to engage in development activities and uplift the status of their societies. In my ethical perspective, child labor is viewed as immoral and the denial of the opportunity to go through all developmental stages for young people. Hobbs et al. (1999) argue that some employers prefer children as their workers simply because they are cheaper and have no liability. This implies that employers are often keen to benefit themselves by exploiting young people who have no alternative but endure all social injustices for the wellbeing of their parents. According to Moonie (2005), child development is important in determining their future lives and should therefore be respected. As a result, child labor should be viewed as a criminal offence that should not be tolerated in the society.

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