The document represents a copy of the speech that Marcus Tullios Cicero made in 63 BC. He wrote it himself, and it was one of the best speeches he ever made, as it was supposed to have an impact on a great number of people. Cicero began his speech addressing Catalina, who was present at the Senate meeting. He spoke about the actions republic and the Senate made in previous years, making good examples of what should be done to make the life better, and keep everything calm. Cicero provided facts that proved he was watching after the safety of the republic, and also monitoring the actions of Catalina. Cicero revealed the actions Catalina made, and made an accusation of many felonies. He also uncovered the plot Catalina was planning, and shared the details with the SenateHe. Cicero finished his speech with a call to the Senate to sentence Catalina to the death penalty.

The main audience of the speech was the Senate of the Roman Republic. It consisted of the smartest and most influential people of the time, who ruled the republic and were capable of making laws and improvements in the people’s lives. Cicero showed the Senate that Catalina, who was one of them, decided to make a political riot predicted the negative consequences for both the republic and the senators. Cicero had an intention to keep the peaceful state of the republic and created the speech to show the rest of the senators what could possibly happen unless stopped in time.

The document is credible, although certain points may be displayed differently, as the original copy was translated, and part of the original text could be changed by the translator. The speech tells us that Cicero was a patriot, worried about the future of the republic. Although he seemed to be caring about the Senate, it was also the care about the people who were depending on the Senate’s decisions. His intentions are clearly reflected in the text, when he does his best to persuade the Senate in Catalina’s attempt of the plot.

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