In the recent past, online dating services have become an increasingly popular mode of dating. The brisk advancement of the internet and hundreds of online dating websites has really changed the way in which we seek our soul mates and lifelong partners. Instead of people going to the local bars and clubs in the hopes of finding that special person, many are busy seated at home detailing their profiles in order to attract dating hopefuls. According to a recent study carried out in 2010 by the global dating site, it was elucidated that dating sites are the third most popular way of acquaintance of people who get high chances to become married couples. It was discovered that twice as many marriages occurred between those who met on line than those who met in the bars and clubs or any other social events.

Online dating comes with many merits but the one that tops the list is the fact that a person has the ability to fish out a date from the comfort of your own home. This has also helped shy people to go on dates and even meet lifelong partners. These particular sites have allowed people to post personal pictures and advertisements, as well as to browse the profiles of thousands of other people. The services usually offer help for a wide variety of people from all over the world across all ethnic lines and, thus, can have up to fifteen million users. Regardless of the number of the people, these services function to bring people together for casual sex, friendships or even long-term relationships, which might lead to marriage. According to comScore, Americans alone spent over two hundred million on personal dating sites in the first half of the year 2003. They provide a forum for people to act due to their preferences and normative expectations for the most desired traits in the men and women that one would love to court.

The online dating services have developed overtime. There were such changes as the posting of photographs on the dating sites for the sole purpose of mating strategies. This study is an explorative investigation of the use of digital media in the online dating services. One of the most crucial principles that an individual has to acknowledge about any form of communication, whether it is verbal, visual or aural, is the effect of the tool that has been used in communication (Culbreth, 2005).

The term digital media is used to refer to any type of media, which is in a digital or electronic format. It performs a function of the entertainment, as well as appears to be the main convenience of the consumers. It is usually represented in a video or audio form that can be seen and heard by the others. Such examples are the WMA files and Midi, as well as video feeds that are available on the internet. Digital media files are accessed with help of certain digital media players, which include MP3 players to file sharing websites. These files are normally easy to share among those who have something in common, either friendship or dating.

The exchange theory provides another meaning of social interaction during courtship. The theory suggests that people try to capitalize their gains in social situations by clearly highlighting those characteristics they want in their life-long partners. The digital media used commonly in this area are the internet and mobile phones. The accessibility of the internet has largely contributed to the success of online dating. The mobile phones have also played part in online dating since there are some mobile applications which when installed in one’s handset enable the user to gain access to the internet and become part of a community in the cloud computing process.

 The idea of online dating is all about creating social hubs where people from the whole world can meet and flirt, and possibly get a date or lifelong partner. Some applications that fall under this category are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more other social applications that are available through the internet. The use of digital media means the appliance of internet and mobile phones. The use of internet and mobile phones play a very significant role in the dating lives of many people all over the world. Dating online is a very efficient way of acquaintance since it is very cheap and the whole process of communication is fast and easy. Take an example of Facebook. This is a social site in which people are recommended to upload their pictures and videos so that their friends can view profiles and or even download photographs.

Uploading of pictures and videos has really enhanced the dating process since people can easily select a partner who matches all the qualities he or she would love in the opposite sex. Facebook, for example, has a like button and instant messaging services. These two functions have played a major role in online dating since one can easily start a conversation with the preferred partner by looking at his photos and videos uploaded on the social websites. This has changed the landscape of dating since it has been made easier to spot and make a move towards the best suited partner.

Another good example of an online dating application is Friendster, developed in 2002. This particular one used a degree of refining where one was able to have a circle of friends that connected two particular persons. This enhanced a rich online community between the people who had truly outstanding bonds and their links were clearly outlined. These bonds promoted online dating using the internet as a digital media, which was a piece of cake. In 2003, LinkedIn was also brought into existence playing essential part for business people who want to connect with other business professionals. It has brought a hub of professionals that is currently standing at over a hundred and seventy five million users, who have common goals and interests. MySpace is also another example of an online dating service established in 2003. It is the most preferred in the United States since it tempts the young minds with music, videos and photographs. This has really enhanced the online dating since one is in a position to see the other users and engage them in chitchats that eventually lead to dating. Hence, the use of the digital media has been globally used to achieve the specific goals of online dating. Then came Facebook and Twitter, which have so far one billion users (Cohen, 2004).

Facebook has become so successful due to various strategies created by its developers. First off, when it was launched back in 2007, the API made it possible for third parties who stepped in as developers to create various applications that work within the Facebook application itself. Today, there are thousands of applications built on the Facebook platform, which played a significant role in the success of Facebook as an internet application. The other important key to Facebook’s success is the like button, which broke boundaries within the application itself in order to establish a system just like everywhere in the internet. This is a very important factor that keyed into the success of the application in social networking. By 2011, there was another social network that really enhanced the process of dating.

All these applications are created to be used via the internet, either using a computer or a mobile phone. Digital media has, without a doubt, massively contributed to online dating. The invention of new forms of digital media like picture messaging, texting and video chatting have also made dating a walk in the park. They have provided men and women with effective tools to keep the fire alive and make them feel passion without necessarily having to be physically together. The connection is kept well alive (Holden, 2004).

In conclusion, online dating has enhanced dating all over the world in a huge way. Many are the couples that have met online and have even ended up getting married and living happily ever after. It is a very powerful dating tool since it makes the daunting task of looking for a date for different purposes, be it marriage, friendship, flirting or even matching partners. This has provided an effective solution to the dating world and, hence, it is of prime importance to acknowledge this fact. Many are the changes and advancements in online dating, and many more are welcome with open arms.

Online dating is definitely a success since many people who log into the internet are those who do so with the sole purpose of accessing the social websites where they can hang out and chat with friends from all over the world. The initiative of online dating has been a blessing for the human race since it has made millions get in touch with their inner feelings and express them through the different digital media that are crafted for the main purpose of networking in an effort to meet new friends and, hopefully, new and lifelong partners.

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