The author of the article describes paraphilia and fetishism as sexual deviations in a rather logical way. He commences from introduction, in which a general description of paraphilia and fetishism within the domain of sexuality and sex therapy is given. The article is further subdivided into three subheadings, in which historical context, models of etiology, as well as treatment possibilities of this medical condition are delineated. All the ideas and conclusions are summarized in “closing” subheading.

The overall impression after reading the article creates in the minds of the audience a logical and coherent picture of paraphilia and fetishism apparition as medical conditions, their further subdivision, and possible available treatment. The text is also logical in information layout in the subheadings.  For instance, after the author states that individuals choose occupation to increase access to objects, people needed to carry out their paraphilia, he proves it by saying that pedophiles work with Boy Scouts to increase access to children (Wiederman, 2003). Moreover, the article is filled with valid and useful information about paraphilia’s controversy; it gives the idea about multiple opinions, theories, definitions, as well as about various types of the disease treatment. The reading makes average people think about dangerousness of the world, filled with people normal on the outside, but actually perverted. It also forces readers to call into question their own normality judging from sexual desires and preferences they have. The reading also provides detailed and inquisitive information about some recent developments in treatment; therefore it may help people suffering from this atypical sexual deviation.

This article about paraphilia and fetishism is particularly applicable to modern world situation. It gives hope of treatment to people who are on the verge of becoming sexual maniacs. Taking into account the fact that the quantity of crimes committed because of person’s sexual deviance has greatly increased and laws against sex offenders are ineffective, medical help is the only way out. The reading widens the usual understanding of perversity and deviance. It describes paraphilia and fetishism not as something evil and nasty, but as behavioral patterns that developed as a result of psychological trauma in early childhood or adolescence. The other problem is person’s recognition of his behavior as abnormal is that very often people do not think of themselves as sexually deviant, until they are caught and brought to trial, or until it is not affecting their personal lives (Wiederman, 2003). In addition, the issue of social control is something almost impossible to apply to people, if they are not willing to recognize their problem and agree to behavioral treatment.

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