A number of stereotypes evident in the American society have determined how members of different groups prejudge each other. They have guided the relations of individuals from different cultures. One of the common stereotypes in the US is that some racial groups are lazy and are always reluctant to work hard for the purpose of uplifting their social status. This stereotype targets the African-American community and, as Perkins argues, namely the blacks have been isolated in the American society and forced to go through all sorts of social injustices. The problems experienced by this group have existed for decades. The view from the historical perspective of this stereotype proves that the whites unwilling to associate themselves with the blacks. As Perkins further argues, it is evident that the structural nature of the country’s social groups has meant that the laws often support majority group. Thereby, denying the opportunity of the blacks to engage in important societal activities explains the belief that they are lazy and likely to participate in unlawful activities.

Historically, traditionally the blacks have dominated the lower social class in the US due to their underrepresentation. Some leaders such as Luther King tried hard to change the stereotype held upon this racial group. Although their position in the society has been partly acknowledged, the blacks are still perceived as lazy and violent and most of them continue to languish in the society. The corporate sector has often discriminated blacks while at the same time legal institutions have engaged in practices that are only favorable to majority groups. This shows that this stereotype has not changed greatly overtime and much has to be done to promote equality. This stereotype rose from another that regarded black Americans as aliens having entered the country as a result of slavery. It has been used negatively by the whites to oppress blacks although they have tried to express it positively by encouraging all societal members to appreciate their diversity by taking it as strength rather than a divisive tool. They have tried to overturn this negative view by taking part in various development endeavors in an equal measure as other citizens.

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