The setting for implementation of the research utilization plan

It is evident that as the world population continues to increase so does the number of patients that require specialized care for various ailment, some milled, some chronic and so forth. One factor however that makes taking care of such patients a riddle that requires a quick solution is the limited supply of nurses to take care of the ever increasing number of patients (Bolton et al, 2007). Increasing the number of licensed nurses per patient would be a commendable move not only improving the staffing requirement for patients care but also improving the quality of services given to patients at the hospitals in the state. The implementation of the research utilization plan can best be done at the hospital environment where the number of registered nurses is critical. Both public and private hospital can make use of this research irrespective of their size.

Description of the plan for the utilization of the research article review in current work settings and future ideal work settings

As Williams (2008) notes, nurses can improve their practice through the use of research finding. The information presented in this article therefore present an opportunity for the improvement of the work place and ensure that that hospital have adequate nursing staff  with the proper mix of skills. The utilization of the information however requires proper planning to facilitate transition from the current status quo. The implementation will start with the identification of the staffing requirements for every health condition recorded within the report. This will basically help determine the number of new staff to recruit and the funding need needed to recruit and substation the workforce. This will also provide an insight into the proper workforce mix necessary to ensure that patents get the care they deserve. The human resource department as such should be enhanced to recruit the new staff emphasizing proper staffing mix. The department should be further enhancing to handle an increase in the number of employees

Adequate plans should also be made to paper for the long working hours that the staff members hall be exposed to.  Certainly the plans laid down by hospitals to meet their staffing needs should be in line with the states staffing regulatory policies.

Description of a plan for incorporation of research in personal practice to increase evidence based-nursing practice

The incorporation of the research finding in personal practice cab is very useful in influencing and encouraging evidence based nursing.  Research findings results can be incorporated into the evidence based nursing steps thus increasing the efficiency of this approach to nursing (Ciliska et al, 2005). Information generated in this research will be used to formulate answerable question which is the first step in evidence based nursing.  Proper staffing in this case can be very helpful in providing multidisciplinary team that can help identify all the issue that requires answers.

The second step is finding necessary evidence of the situation that demand a certain kind of care or a critical decision to be made. Through research and availability of a talented multidisciplinary team evidence can be generated. The evidence generated is very useful in the third step that involves validation of facts. The multidisciplinary team will then validate the information and determine its usefulness through appraisal. It is important that all actions and decisions done are based on useful information or facts to avoid wastage of resources and ensuring that the patients are given the best care according to their medical needs. The fourth step which is also the last one, the team or nursed can apply the findings to the clinical practices and also evaluate their general professional performance (Williams, 2007)

Indeed the information provided in this article can be very usefully in improving the provision of health care to patient with various ailments. It is applicable in all hospital settings and can further help to support evidence based healthcare.

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