Now, Even NASA Is Involved in Toyota Crisis

Toyota experienced a problem when it produced vehicles that suddenly accelerated. The U.S. government intervened by involving NASA to probe claims of use of computer technology in cars, which may have been responsible for sudden acceleration in its cars. Although, technology is used in cars, the software is most of the times blamed when things go wrong. Other models like Ford Motor have had high tech braking problems. GM was forced to recall 12,662 cars whose software glitch was blamed for turning its airbag off instead of it being on.

Google Gives Search a Refresh

To maintain its dominance in the market, Google Inc. will give its ‘tried-and-true Web-search’ formula of transformation. This means that Google searches will split out more than just a list of blue web links. This does not mean that Google will replace the present key-word system that uses words to determine the words searched, but rather on how humans understand the world. This means that Google will provide answers for some questions instead of links that have the answers.

Farewell Foie Gras (and 5 Other Banned Foods)

California State in the U.S. has affected some laws that will make it difficult to indulge in some favorite eats. The state banned the use of foie gras which is a fattened goose or duck liver dish that animal association advocates termed as inhumane as it requires the use of force in feeding the animals. Every state has its own brand of banned foods but it is possible to go to another state and have the same delicacy if one really needs to have a bite.

Apple Could have its Own Version of Project Glass

Apple Inc. has put a lot of effort into researching on head-mounted displays over the last year. It has patented for a “peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays” whose idea is to use a peripheral color that resembles the tone of a playing video. The idea was patented in 2006 during the time when LCD TVs were manufactured. The creator, Tony Fadell, is also the creator of iPod, has kept a low profile on his idea, at least for now.

Ford drives digital dashboards to next level

Many Americans spend a lot of their time in their cars which cuts them away from the digital world. Auto maker Ford has been trying to ensure that the impression of computers and electronics is still felt. They want the use of phones and music players be made easier through a voice recognition system, color coded touch screens, permits personalization of things, use of Wi-Fi and big screens through a system called Sync. The so-called MyFord is available from $1,000.

A different kind of glasses

Focusing on closer objects gets harder and harder, this condition is called presbyopia. The people with this disorder can get reading glasses and/or progressive lenses. But Zoom Focus Eyewear LLC have come up with an option that allows the wearer to manually adjust his lenses in order to have a clear and undistorted vision while reading a book, looking into a distance or working on a computer. For over a decade, researchers have tried to come up with adjustable lenses but proved to be elusive. The products are intended for users who make constant adjustments in their vision. TruFocals wants to change their name to Superfocus and hence Superfocus LLC.

On a clear day.... Nasa reveals mesmerising 'blue marble' images of Earth

NASA photos that are taken on different days show a spectacular ‘blue marble’ images which are absolute thorough outlooks of planet earth. Scientists, by using the photos from a combination of satellite pictures, created montages of the surface of different continents in fabulous detail.  Most of the images came from NASA satellite Terra that was orbiting 435 miles above the surface of the earth. The surface of the earth is 197 million square miles with 57 million miles of land. The images were collected from 2001.

Google Readies Its E-Book Plan, Bringing in a New Sales Approach

The report shows that Google Inc. has plans to start merchandising digital books in late June or July, 2012. This sector is currently dominated by, Barnes & Noble and Apple Inc. The company has been developing the ideas for years and plans to sell the books by the name Google Editions. The company will make a decision on whether to set the retail price or leave the publishers to decide. Google Inc. has plans of building software to optimize reading on such devices as iPads or iPhones. The company hopes that Google Editions will be the future of publishing in the cloud.

A doctor in your pocket

The future of medicine looks set to change from the current trends. What will it be like to monitor and adjust one’s health in real time with the help of smartphones or by wearing some small gadgets like stickers that can track the inner workings of our cells? With advance in technology, some companies claim that they can map a person’s entire genetic sequence for only $1,000. Personalized medicine is a possibility in the near future and will allow a look at DNA variations to help assess a risk of certain ailments and probable medicines, dosage and what can work best based on one’s metabolism.

Insta rich: $1 billion for Instagram

Two Stanford university graduates, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, launched an iPhone application called Instagram. The two recently announced that they sold their photo-sharing service to Facebook Inc. for $1 billion. Instagram is an 18-month company whose value was estimated at $500 million and Facebook CEO contacted Instagram CEO Mr. Systrom to buy the company. By buying Instagram, Facebook improves its mobile offerings and will help people to share photos in a deal Zuckerberg called a milestone in the history of Facebook. This is because the numbers will matter in Facebook mobile advertising, estimated to account for 85% of Facebook’s revenue.  

Apple’s new iPad in production

Apple is manufacturing its new version of iPad tablet computer that will come with a faster processor and built-in camera. The iPad will be lighter and thinner, with a camera for video-conferencing and a powerful graphics processor. The iPad will first be available through Wireless and AT&T Inc before for undisclosed reasons. Apple is moving forward from its CEO, Steve Jobs, who is reportedly on leave to focus on his health. Since the release of the iPad, Apple has sold 14.8 million units and contributes to 17% of the company’s revenue. The expected price will range from $499-$829 and it was estimated that Apple will sell about 27-35 million units in 2011 alone.

Samsung releases tablet PC

Samsung Electronics launched its ‘Galaxy Tablet computer’.  The device will permit customers to purchase TV shows or films on the device. The tablet is a version of the Google android software, although such details like pricing were not released. The device was launched at a press conference in New York City, it was said that they built a software that will optimize use of a larger tablet while allowing some other applications to be viewed on a split screen.

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