Ego is easily defined as the persistently repeated thoughts, feelings and perceptions regarding self that are emanate from the center of the mind. When someone says ‘I’, this is an expression of ego which end up becoming habitual thus leading to comparison with others. The egoistic feeling of ‘I’ causes a person to keep finding fault with others while he/she feels always right and superior.

Ego is strengthened by complaining and labeling people negatively which can unconsciously lead to screaming and physical violence. Resentment is a bitterness avoked by peoples’ actions. Ego is a human dysfunction and it can only be solved by disassociating it with the person. Essentially, one can overlook the ego in others by choosing to ignore their faults. The ability to forgive is a strength rather than a weakness as compared to ego.

Nevertheless, ego is strengthened by a reactivity which is a repeated reaction against every occurrence thus resulting to grievance. Ego makes a man take things personally and leads to emotional defensiveness and aggression. Moreover, it makes one confuse opinions and facts basing on personal perspective instead of true awareness. Truth describes a person’s inner dimension and a deep touch with it results to whole being. 

Global and regional intertribal violence results from the feeling that we are right and they are wrong without creating a room to find correctness in an opinion of the other side. More violence is displayed by mental dysfunction of the normal people who follow their thought patterns and greed, which leads to perversion. Generally, what a person resents most in others is the form of their ego.

I am impressed by the statement that a that fighting unconsciousness draws a person to himself/herself. Since war is a mindset, don’t complain, accuse or blame anyone. Remember it is all caused by egoism. Ego is an internal force that wants to be right and is provoked when anyone intrudes the set boundaries.

Wonderfully, the solution to ego is in the presence which is the power of awareness to undo the past and to transform unconsciousness. Only the realization of the real self can set a person free. The more people gain fame the more they get alienated form self and others. Consequently, they end up hopeless looking for more popularity to remain superior and never able to sustain genuine relationships. To overcome ego and its predominant states, one should incorporate the alert attention known as presence.

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