The New York Times is amongst one of the leading Americas all time newspapers, that was founded and published in Americas city of New York from the year 1851, with the motto: All News That’s Fit To Print, it’s the third in circulation in the united states newspapers daily circulation, after other leading local dailies The USA today and The Wall Street Journal. Its weekly circulation that was in the rise since its initiation date stated to encounter a fall to a recorded number of 1 million copies reduction in its circulation from the early 1980s.

The company that is known as The New York Times Company which owns the New York Times also owns and publishes other leading dailies in the American newspaper industry, they include 18 other popular regional magazines and newspapers such as The Boston Globe, The International Herald tribune amongst other local dailies (Nytimes, 3).

But with all its dominance in the newspaper industry for being the most credible and accurate newspaper amongst the America readers, as it boasts for having some of the best and well qualified journalists in the country. It subsequently faced a huge blow back in 2003 when one of his renown reporter Jayson Blair was engaged in a scandal that indicated that most of his stories were mostly fabrications or plagiarized, a mater that forced Mr. Blair to resign from office as he had placed more doubts to the readers of the newspaper into doubting the credibility of the newspaper and its journalists.

Even though the newspaper is amongst the best and credible newspaper in circulation, it faced a huge blow in 2003 when one of its renowned reporters was involved in a series of fabrication and plagiarism in his stories. The newspaper management hired him on thinking that he had completed his studies after being on attachment with the newspaper company a year earlier, assuming that he had successfully completed his education to become a journalist but in real sense he hadn’t completed his education.  

On employment with the New York Times, Mr. Blair different stories that contained fabrications and Plagiarism can be estimated to eight in number, these are only amongst the reported cases while some were left unmentioned. With the one that brought Blair’s profession in jeopardy was the article he wrote in the award-winning story of a student that died of an overdose of taking cocaine but it was later on disclosed that the student died of heart complications.

This award wining story lead to the exposure of Mr. Blair’s dirty unethical journalistic practices, this is when the National editor in chief Mr. Jim Roberts called Blair, asking him about the credibility of this story. He stated that the story resembles another story that was written by another reporter from a different newsroom 6 days earlier, Mr. Jim Roberts claimed that the story is like the one written by Hernandez of the San Antonio Express-news six days earlier (Nytimes, 5).

Other stories that Mr. Blair is said to have fabricated or Plagiarized include the following, “In Military Wards, Questions and Fears from the Wounded" that was printed In April 19, 2003, "For One Pastor, the War Hits Home" printed in   the April 7, 2003, "Rescue in Iraq and a ‘Big Stir' in West Virginia", that was printed In the April 3, 2003, "Relatives of Missing Soldiers Dread Hearing Worse News" printed in   the March 27, 2003, "US Sniper Case Seen as a Barrier to a Confession" that was printed in October 30, 2002 amongst other stories not mentioned. It should be noted that these and the other unmentioned stories the writer of these articles was never at the physical location or close to the sources of the stories but he instead got the information form phone , reading other articles or even cooking them up.

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