Terrorism has gained the concern of many world states and nations in recent times. Many countries have enacted measures to help fight terrorism and protect their sovereignty from being infringed by the terrorists. The wars against terror thus become one of the greatest wars to take a global outlook since the Second World War.  Although, many people do not support the war as they consider it imperialism and destruction of peoples lives and property, the war against terror should be up scaled in order to ensure improved safety of the whole world.

The war against terror aims at preventing attacks on countries and innocent civilians by individuals who use terror as their means of political expression.  Many people have been killed by terrorists worldwide (White, 37). For instance, many people lost their live in the terrorist attack conducted on American soil on September 11 2001. The terrorists hijacked planes and crushed them in the twin towers at the World Business Center in New York. Most of the people at the world business center, innocent citizens going about their daily routines as usual, lost their live as the buildings collapse.  The war against terrorism aims at prevent occurrence of such activities to ensure that peoples lives are respect and not terminated at will.

Another advantage of the war against terrorism is the prevention of disruption of economic growth of victim nations. When terrorists attack a country, they disrupt its economic activities as well as growth (Persitz). Terrorism threats reduce foreign investment in the threaten countries. Most investors shy from investing in places that do not provide security to their investments. As such the threatened countries experience reduced economic growth and their currencies may weaken against other countries currencies.  This further devastates the economy of these countries and the citizens may experience a decline in the quality of life. The reduction in investments in a country leads to a decline in consumption due to reduced earnings. Also terrorism impacts negatively on the government spending since the government is forced to invest a lot of resources in security to protect its territory and people from attacks and injuries.  For instance, the government of Israel has spent a lot of money to secure itself from the threats of terrorist attacks from the Philistines (Persitz).  

Terrorists also pose great danger to human life through the probability of employing deadly nuclear, chemical or biological weapons in their attacks.  The magnitude and ability of such weapons to destroy can not be overemphasized (Mandelbaum, 23). During the Second World War, the American used atomic bombs against Japan. Although much destruction was anticipated, the actual destruction was far much more that what was anticipated. The effects of the atomic bomb are still being felt by the Japanese.  Certainly, neither you, nor me would desire to experience a similar experience a recurrence of this.   However, with the increasing sophistication of terrorism, the prospect of an attack using these deadly weapons is not far fetched.  Terrorist have exhibited and further proven their ability to launch varied attacks, to even areas under tight security. It is only a matter of time before they can develop these weapons and put them into use. However, the realization of such deadly goals can be deterred through intensive, integrated and collaborative efforts to smoke out terrorist out of their hiding places and have them behind bars so as to prevent them from masterminding the attacks.

Apart from physical suffering, terrorist also cause mental problems to victims. Psychiatrists agree that terrorism negatively affect the mental health of people in the society. For, instance, after the September 11 attack on New York, many people considered distress a normal life reaction instead of seeking psychiatric help (Levav, 36).  Most victims of such attacks suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSD). Certainly, terrorism limits prospects for a good peaceful life, which is the dream and desire for everyone.

However, the war against terrorism has had various negative effects on the society.  Many people have lost their lives and others continue to suffer. These are nationals of countries that have been perceived to harbor terrorist by the west.  To the victims, it is a case of being at the right place at the wrong time. The war has been fought on their soil, at their door steps and back yards, yet the have nothing to do terrorism. These civilians suffer a punishment they don’t deserve, while the terrorists who deserve to be punished are safe in their hide outs plotting their future attacks.  Many Afghanistan citizens died when America invaded the country in search for Osama Bin Laden the Leader of Al-Qaida, the largest terrorist gang of our times. Osama and his gang were linked to the September 11 attacks and the invasion of Afghanistan was meant to capture him, end his activities and prosecute him for participate in terrorism.  Millions have also suffered and others lost their lives in Iraq when the American forces dawned on Iraq and oust a long-term serving dictator Saddam Hussein who was allegedly manufacturing chemical weapons. 

In sum terrorism is a vise that should be discouraged and prevented in order to protect people’s lives and property as well as ensure economic stability. Terrorism destroys the prospects of a peaceful and health human life. International cooperation in fight international terrorism is very important. Such corporation can be enhanced through sharing of expertise and strategic information. Countries should also come up with modalities to fight domestic terrorism. However, the war against terrorism should not be well managed to prevent hurting or killing innocent civilians.

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