According to Brent E. Turvey (2008), wound may be sustained by a victim or an offender as the result of intentional or accidental actions. In the first slide, it is shown the sample of asphyxiation. Kären M. Hess and Christine Hess Orthmann (2010) asserted that asphyxiation is a result of oxygen deficiency experienced by the brain and body tissues. If the body does not receive sufficient oxygen, the red blood cells fade. The lack of oxygen is most noticeable as it causes blue color around the lips. In this case, one can see that death occurred by strangulation with a rope. There are many scratches on the girl’s neck. These can be petechial hemorrhages, but they are more like to be the traces from fingernails. Victim could defend herself trying to whip off the rope. It is likely that, during self-defense, she scratched the neck with fingernails. There is hand drawn heart on the child’s hand. It can be of different origins. Most likely, it was drawn by the victim who tried to leave some message about the murderer or reason of strangulation. There are numerous interpretation of the heart symbol. Nevertheless, the most common meaning of a heart is related to romance and love. For a long time, such images have been used in different rituals, which were believed to strengthen relationships. In such case, one can suggest that the murder had sexual character. In addition, the murderer tied victim’s arms in order to gain control over the child. Knot on the wrist is loosely tied. That may indicate girl’s self-defense: in the process of fighting with the murderer, she weakened the ropes. There are burn marks on the child’s torso. They could be made by cigarettes in case of torture, but they are more likely to be the taser marks. Despite the idea of harmlessness of taser, Darius Rejali (2007) wrote that it could leave short-term marks depending on how the weapon was applied. Taser can create marks about the diameter of a pencil. The murderer could use it to neutralize the muscle functions of the victim.

In conclusion, one can suggest that the victim was neutralized by the murderer with a taser, controlled by ropes, and then cruelly strangled. 

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