In 1993 was born a girl, a beautiful girl who will obvious change the Earth. It was me. My parents are teachers, my elder brother is a student in college and is getting a diploma in education. My passion is to help people and I want to change the society. My intent is to direct my efforts into something that is worth rewarding and will give me the ability to make a difference.

Small children are my sphere of interest, and I find myself worried every time a child near me feels uncomfortably. This makes me act even if my life will be in danger. I understood that when I saw a dog carrying a suspicious green paper bag. I moved out of the house, while dog left the bag next to the door. I removed the rubbish near the door to pick it. How I was surprised when I saw a toddler in that paper bag. I prepared to go to school, and my mother have already left to the hospital. Immediately I begun to dress and carry about the baby. I saved the baby’s life instead of going to school that day. I was only twelve years old. My neighbor took the child to the nearest orphanage, and the baby survived. This girl calls me her mum from the time she understood her survival story. I am very proud to be a foster mother at such young age. Although, I was really disappointed with the mother who put an innocent child in a polythene bag to die.

The most challenging for me is to decide my future career goals. My first career goal is to become an early childhood development educator. Furthermore, I want to receive a doctor and a psychologist degree, so that I can help people with health and psychological problems. The artist, Mary Ian with her song «Crying Child» develops the desire to fight against the child’s cry. She called an international campaign against abortions. My first career goal at most was inspired by her actions.

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