The Manage Your Health, Inc has decided to outsource the services of training employees on recreation and wellness. Although the company can offer the same services, it is going for a consultant with the hope that people are satisfied because it is a foreign firm. Since there are several advantages that are associated with in-house training, the firm highly considers employing the approach. Such may include fewer costs. Using the in-house approach allows members to work more as a team. An aspect that contributes to lowering operational costs in implementation (Paul, 2004). This contributes to the reduction of the risk of the company. The amount of fees charged for external sourcing is often higher. Costs of advertising and tendering can be punitive at times. The amount charged would always be higher than what it would be the cost of internal mechanisms.

As already indicated, when the job is done internally, it is done by a team of employees. This helps create links that can work for the company’s benefit. Such relationships lead to a better understanding and improve the ability of employees. There is also faster implementation when in-house is used than outsourcing. The internal employees are already aware of various aspects within the organization and would, therefore, take little time to settle in and start working.

By adopting in-sourcing, companies reduce risks to the company. For instance, the company does not run the risk of hiring less motivated people who do not may have the interests of the company. Therefore, the company is aware of the persons it is entrusting their resources and job. It is because of these points, therefore, that we find it necessary to adopt the in-house approach. 

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