A Human Being First

It is a common knowledge that each of us should behave equally to each person, no matter who it is: disabled, deaf, blind or normal human. Disability is when a person’s physical or mental condition does not allow him or her to function as most people do. Disability is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions.

In my point of you, all these people with different blemishes should not be regarded as a lower type of the society; on the contrary, some people on various grounds of life situations became the other instantly. Unfortunately, today a lot of adults, especially the youth, blame those individuals for the way they look. Moreover, time and time again, people tell rude words to the disabled and even mock at them which makes the last feel rather desperate and embarrassed. In my opinion, every single individual should give a helping hand to those who do need this at any time and moment.

In the LexisNexis database, there is a lot of useful information about disabled people. First of all, in the book, the term “disabled person” was not used by virtue of the notions “person with disabilities” or “child with disabilities”; it indicates in the first place a human being which is the most important. Furthermore, in the past, particularly in 1973, the Rehabilitation Act came into force which said that ordinary people are not allowed to limit people with disabilities in federally funded activities. Moreover, “in the 1970s, Congress established enforceable rights to special education for children with disabilities”. What is more, cases concerning disability discrimination take a vital place in the courts. Finally, it can be freely judged that many people throughout the world take enormous efforts to help other human beings, not looking at their disabilities as something awful and disgusting because first of all, people should be perceived as human beings who play a paramount role in the society and the entire universe.

Finally, for many people with disabilities, it is easier to show their true abilities and help others; in such a way, they can live a normal life.

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