Myocardial infraction is a hart attack condition that normally takes place when there is formation of a dot of blood within the coronary artery at the point of atherosclerotic plaque.  The Presence of this blood clot excessively limits or sometimes completely stops the flow of blood to the upper par of the heart.  In some cases, the flow of the blood is inhibited when there is a sudden collapse or contraction in the walls of the artery the makes the artery to constrict. This kind of constriction is referred to as vasospasm. According to Hutchison (2009) vasospasm can happen to any artery that is only narrowed slightly by atherosclerosis and a healthy artery likewise.  Irrespective of the cause such a heart attack, the deprivation of oxygen that occurs is so prolonged and server to an extent the leads to death of heart muscle cell as a result of lucking oxygen.  It is estimated that close to 1.1 million Americans in the United States suffer this kind of heart attacks every year. About 40% of theses cases have proven to be fatal to the victims.

Acute myocardial infection (AMI) is in most cases caused by almost total blockage of the coronary artery which is normally brought about by   bursting of the susceptible atherosclerotic plaque and the subsequent formation of thrombus.   The rupture of plaque can be brought about by both external and internal factors.  In this regard the external factors include severe emotional stress and strenuous physical activity. On the other hand internal factors include the characteristics of the plaque like the composition and size of its lipid core, the breadth of its fibrous cap and its surrounding conditions. Susceptible plaques in most cases occur when there is less than seventy percent stenosis. It has a characteristic eccentric shape which has an irregular border, a thin fibrous cap and a large, thin lipid core (Tcheng, 2009).

The underlying pathophysiology of an elevated ST and altered levels of troponin

Cardiac makers are useful in determine the category of MI or Acute coronary syndrome. This includes   non-ST-elevation, ST-elevation and unstable angina. This classification is very important since patients with ischemic discomfort could or could not have ST-Segment elevation in their electrocardiogram (Porth et al, 2010). Ultimately, those who don’t have ST-elevations may be found to have NSTEMI or unstable angina depending on the presence or absence of enzymes.  In additionally, different therapeutic decisions such as the administration of intravenous thrombolytic or conducting percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) are dependent on the categorizations. Arrhythmias normally when the pain is too much and the victims are aware of their presence as the attack occurs. According to Porth et al (2010) examinations during such as attack translate to ST-segment elevation and indicate occurrence of transmural ischemia. Victims with variant angina that experience serious arrhythmias during the spontaneous pain episodes are likely to have sudden deaths.  

Troponin tests on the other hand are basically ordered for people who experience pains in their chests to determine if they have hard a heart attack or any other kind of damage in their heart.  Troponin tests are of two types; troponin I and troponin T tests. These tests can be performed with other tests although they are mostly recommended for heart attack examination since they are specific to injuries to the heart. Apart from the heart attack these test can establish whether the injury suffered by the heart are severe of mild. As such, they can facilitated the establishment of weather chest pain are a product of other causes other than heart injury.  In general, as Bratton (2007) notes, elevated troponin levels serve a pivotal role in the diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes as well as myocardial infections.

In sum myocardial infraction condition of the heart require great care in order to reduce the number of lives that it claims yearly. Use of medical intervention such as intravenous injections and avoiding condition that encourage the condition such as strenuous physical work and mental stress can be very helpful.

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