In the movie Million Dollar Baby 2004 it is concentrates majorly on the life of a boxing trainer (Frank Dunn) who reluctantly decides to trains woman (Maggie Fitzgerald) who later on in the movie became a professional boxer in the welter weight category, but on her very most important fight the will earn her a million dollars she is hit by her contestant (Billie "The Blue Bear") and she falls on a stool that was in the corner of the ring were she breaks her neck leaving her in a quadriplegic state (Eliot, 2009). That is were the roles of nurses is shown in the movie as they are seen as caring as they prevented Maggie’s several attempts of committing suicide as she never liked her state of being paralyzed and also neglected by her family.

In Pearl Harbor it’s about the lives of two United States Army Air Corps Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker, who were soldiers in the American army, at a time that the Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor killing many civilians. After this attack the nurses were depicted in this movie as being very caring as they took great care of the injured from the air attacks of the Japanese attack, therefore they played a good role in delivering there services to the people who really needed their services (Arroyo, 2001).

Its noted that in these two movies the nurses play an important role in the plot of the movies, therefore they are considered as important characters in both the movies as they offer there patients with relevant support. In the movies the nurses have been depicted as being very caring, humble, considerate, courageous and loving people that is according to the roles that they portrayed in the two movies.

A comparison of the roles played by the nurses as depicted by the two movies indicates that the nurses are courageous and considerate, this is clearly indicated in the two movies an example in the Million Dollar Baby the nurses plays a critical role (Eliot, 2009). This is when they take great care of Maggie after she was paralyzed from the boxing fight and neglected by her family members, this clearly indicates that they are courageous people, while in the movie Pearl Harbor, the nurses roles are clearly shown when the pearl harbor is attacked by the Japanese causing a lot of death destructions and casualties (Arroyo, 2001). In the movie nurses lead by (Evelyn Johnson) conduct long hours of operations aimed at giving the casualties medical attention this is by conducting prescriptions, operation and medical assistance to the injured and in this movie they are seen as very considerate people.

In both the movies the characters nurses is portrayed by women, in both the movies women play the roles of the nurses, as they follow instruction from the male doctors. Who direct and inform them of the things to do to their patients. Thus, making the women and the audience see that the nurse’s roles are supposed to be women. An example in Pearl Harbor, is the picture of the Doctor is shouting to the nurses instructing to them on how to handle their patients, while in Million Dollar Baby the nurses are seen waiting for the doctor to instruct them on what to do (Eliot, 2009).

A contrast in the movies is that in Pearl Harbor, the nurses are the once who perform their duties without being given instruction from the doctors as they have to implement what they were taught in college this is when (Evelyn Johnson) who was the lead nurse takes care of the patients (Arroyo, 2001). While, in the Million Dollar Baby the nurses are always taking instructions from the Doctors without going against his will (Eliot, 2009).

In conclusion the two movies have painted the picture that the nurses are very important people in overseeing our medical problems (Zerwekh & Claborn, 2009). As they will offer us with great care in times when we are sick, they also offer the doctors with support and also take care of the sick in cases of emergency or neglect, they are also very courageous people who can deal with any condition that affects their patients, therefore making us realize that we can’t live without them.

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