Private insurance plans include all forms of health insurance that are not founded and funded by the government but rather obtained by individuals on their own, or through groups, such as employers or associations, and allow some level of choice of health care provider by the insured. These policies typically have deductibles, which require the insured to pay medical charges up to a certain amount before the insurance covers any remaining charges. They also have co-pays, which require the insured to pay some portion of the bill when they visit a doctor (All insurance, 2010).

These insurance plans are proposed to protect their beneficiaries from the high costs that may be incurred for health care by providing benefits such as basic medical coverage, health education and preventive care. These plans may be purchased on individual or group basis.

The category I am focus on is the Indemnity Plan. This is a private insurance plan which guarantees its members freedom to choose any doctor and hospital they prefer when seeking health care services, it is therefore considered fee-for- service health insurance plan. It further contains sub-categories which include; basic health insurance, major health insurance and comprehensive insurance (All insurance, 2010).

There is no restrictions eligibility to this plan and the main think that determines a person’s eligibility is his/ her past health history and present health status. one should be fully aware of the terms and condition involved in the plan, be aware of consequences of breaching certain rules, be familiar with related terms like ‘run over cover’, be flexible to work in different environments and be qualified to handle clients complains.

To file a claim for example in a pharmacy, one should fill a claim form and in it include; Pharmacy name, Prescription number, Drug Name and National Drug Code, Date purchased, Strength Quantity, Drug charge, Pharmacist’s signature and Days supply (All insurance, 2010).

Frequently asked questions may be concentrated on; important definitions to understanding Indemnity plan benefits or about services covered in indemnity.

Military Insurance Plans in the US

When making a transition from military service, it advisable to make arrangements for sufficient health care insurance for you and your family since bills for medical care can be disturbing without insurance. When deciding on a military life assurance policy begin with determining the right quality of life insurance coverage you need, an amount to sufficiently  take the place of  your military net monthly earnings and then, finding the right insurance provider. Cost of life insurance has a direct relationship with your age and your health: the lower your age and number of health issues, the lower the cost of your life insurance policy (ASMBA 2010).

To qualify for a military insurance, one should at least meet some requirements of which some are involuntary like in the situations of getting injured during the military service. These military members automatically meet the criteria for monthly disability compensation fee, free medical check ups and even special housing modification allowance. Small businesses are also allowed to those who wish to make an income for themselves.

The Benefits of this policy include life insurance coverage under the Service Members Group Life Insurance (SGLI) plan for a less fee, vision insurance benefits where members are entitled to free vision services, free medical insurance, free dental services for active members and spouse life insurance where military members can bid high amounts for their mate.


The military allows duration of 60 days for one to settle claims and any delays can even cause denial.  The claim should include; your GBL number, current mailing address, insurance documentation verifying value, repair estimates, receipts, DD form 1840 and DD 1840R.

Frequently asked questions might be; what ones physical constraints are or where can one in military prefer to live.

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