The author introduces us to the principles of genetics, used in defining human behavior. The meanings of DNA and genes are revealed, explained based on examples, simple for understanding. Special attention is given to the research of genome, as it proved the existence of the common sequence, shared by all humans. However, different genes we have predefine the possibility of getting ill with certain diseases, peculiarities of the body constitution, social and psychological characteristics.

There are two types of twins – identical and fraternal. First type has genetically-based full identity, and develops as a result of division of the fertilized egg, while the other one, fraternal, comes from different eggs. According to the research, identical twins have more similar behavior compared to fraternal ones, even if they received different education and treatment of the parents. Research and comparison of over a hundred separated identical twins showed that they developed and lived in identical ways, keeping the same physical attributes, as well as abilities, interests, attitudes.

The aspect of parenting has its own peculiarities. Adopted children in the foster families usually do not pick up too much from their parents, but remain biologically and psychologically more related to their biological parents. However, there is certain influence, expressed in manners, attitude, and faith. Heredity is the factor that influences temperaments of every individual at the most. Heritability is a term used to denote the extent of the influence of certain gene on the individual, but there is no clear rule to define the exact ratio of genetic and environment dependency on the development of the person.

Genes and environment go foot in foot together. Genes are predefining a lot of elements of the human physiology and behavior, while environment assists in shaping them. Genes may display different results depending on the environment and exterior influencing factors. As genes and environments interact, they lead to individual development of person’s character and personal traits. People choose the environment that suits most to their biological needs. Molecular genetics works on the ways of resolving gene malfunctions and predicting the negative outcomes, as well as improving the genes by manipulation on the basic level.

I believe Studying human behavior and its development on the genetic level is extremely import, and it should be always related to the environment in which the person lives. Considering environment is crucially important since people are socializing individuals, who cannot exist in isolation.

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