Life is full of choices. My objective is to complete the PA program and become a Physician assistant. Choosing the career of a Physician Assistant will help me to achieve success through the future professional activities. This is a field of studies that encourages me with willingness and dedication to be a strong candidate to this respectful profession. I have a strong desire to become a Physician Assistant. My educational background and ambitions encourage me to work hard and overcome any difficulties in order to achieve my professional goal. My strong desire and intentions are to protect the health of people for their own wellbeing.

Nowadays, there are many career options for those, who are planning to work in the field of medicine. My educational and personal qualifications, as well as professional experience andwork history are a real proof of my dedication to the future profession.  I also shadowed the physician and volunteered in Florida Hospital, which helped me a lot to pick the career. I had an ability to provide nursing services, such as medications and injections to patients; performed a variety of routine blood drawing procedures, blood collection by venipuncture and capillary technique from patients of all age groups.

I believe that my motivation towards becoming a Physician Assistant will help me to proceed with further studies and build a successful career. With a background in providing nursing services, such as medications and injections to patients, the field appealed to me. I could correlate it to my studies of a Physician Assistant, what is practicing in all areas of medicine. Physician Assistants need to receive an appropriate education in order to work in this kind of industry. The work of Physician Assistants is very important for patients’ treatment and life, because they are always ready to take care of the patients. Sometimes they stay longer with the patients then doctors. The field of medicine appeals to me in different ways: surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, and family medicine.

I understand that in order to become a good professional, it is important to receive a broad education in medicine. Practice in hospitals and medical offices are of the paramount importance. One should also take into consideration perfect communicative skills, addiction to this profession, compassion, and availability to interact with the people who are sick, sometimes even desperately. Physician Assistants practice medicine under physician supervision. The list of their responsibilities may be very wide. For example, they can assist doctors in surgery, and counsel on preventive health care, write prescriptions, provide administrative services for the patients, and many other professional activities. Many people have a strong respect to this profession, because they understand that the role of a Physician Assistant is very important and helpful for humans. Generally, a Physician Assistant deals with the same patients as a physician. In order to be a helpful referral to a physician, PAs have to obtain professional training in the appropriate field of medicine. I realize that the relationship between PAs and physicians is a matter of mutual respect and trust. They are practicing as members of one team with the main goal to deliver medical care and treat their patients.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that my desire to become a Physician Assistant makes me to work hard and be ready to dedicate my knowledge, efforts, desire and all my qualifications in order to achieve my goal in my future professional activities. I am making a conscious choice to believe in my ability to undertake such a leadership role and be a success.

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