When it comes to making major purchases, such as apartments, cars, computers, appliances, or various expensive gadgets, thoughtless buying never gets the best deals.

However, the nerve wracking process of deciding on a certain brand of the thing you want to buy or store where you want to make a purchase can be unbearable. So, it is necessary to strike the happy medium.  

The last major purchase of mine was a portable computer of my dream. I needed it both for home and school use. First of all, I did the research and considered numerous factors like reliability, memory, CD drives, pre-installed software packages, warranty and price of different types of computers. It was a good idea to take a simple step of establishing a baseline. It was rather easy to run a quick Google search and get a rough idea of how much different computers were.  Nobody wants to waste the hard earned money; so, I decided that it was reasonable to keep the eyes out for sales or buy a three-six month older system.

However, neither a computer nor a laptop was equal to my expectations. I wanted to get the functionality and speed combined with superior design and outstanding technical specs. So, I was inclined to buying a tablet PC. I wanted not to be stuck in the room all the time. It seemed nice to be able to take a computer that easily fitted in my handbag everywhere I went to. I wanted to hang out and get acquainted with new people at numerous wireless coffee shops. What can be more boring than having a long car or train ride; although, if one has a tablet PC, one can watch DVDs, surf the Internet, listen to audio books, or do hundreds of other things instead of wasting time on gazing around.  Moreover, I wanted to get rid of clutter in my house and free up some space not having a special computer area or a desktop. A tablet is not only a serious tool, but a lot of fun as well. It is so interactive that computing is getting more pleasurable than ever. Thus, portability, wide range of the ways to use it and easy-to-use interfaces were the main reasons of my choice. I was also captivated with the light weight and handy characteristics of a tablet PC.

Every time I decide to make a major purchase, I cringe at the stress and decisions I have to make. However, I assessed what I really needed, got to know much about the available products and options, did my own research, and only then did I go to the store. I planned out my purchase by saving. I set my own budget and was determined to stick to it. Shopping around and comparing prices was the next step I took. It was a major purchase, so I took into consideration not only the price, but also both the service history of the stores and the reliability of the models on sale. I also tried to get recommendations from my family and friends regarding their experiences with the products and different competitors.

Having bought an expensive tablet PC, I learnt the ins and outs of a smooth implementation of major purchases. So, to make a major purchase you have to pick the product you desire in the affordable price range and get it done without hesitation. It is not a chore, but a real fun of achieving the dream. Planning ahead and saving money result in a great deal. Making major purchases teaches to make decisions and take responsibility.  After I did that, I was debt free and started enjoying my purchase.

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