As a migration law agent in Australia, I would be delighted to reply to your email which shows your concerns on your father bringing in a Kyrgyzstan born woman. I have attained lots of experience while working as an immigration agent and actually I have handled similar cases involving spouses wanting to bring in their external lovers into Australia and registering them as citizens. Again I do understand your anxiety about the possibility of your step-mother to be whether she has chances of migrating to Australia and settling with your dad that why it would really be my pleasure to solve your issue (Australian visa and Australian immigration options, n.d.).

Helena has her rights and seemingly according to the Australian migration/immigration laws, she is able to come to Australia or rather be brought to the country by your father. She has the possibility of acquiring an Australian tourist visa. Through this kind of visa, she can visit the country for instance like a tourist and visit your dad who in this case is her spouse. Another visa which Helena can apply is the family category visas and to be specific the prospective marriage visa subclass 300 which would be la viable alternative on the basis that she has a spouse who is an Australian citizen. The legal requirement for this visa is that both spouses should have a pledge to a mutual life as wife and husband and wife; the relationship should be continuing and genuine. Also both should have been in a relation for the past 12 months, and have to be 18 years and over (Spouse visa, n.d.).

Seemingly I would like to inquire from you about the age of Helena, and her professionalism, and language ability, working experience to see if she is liable for a skilled visa. In this visa she would be liable to apply for skilled independent visa subclass 189 or that of skilled - Nominated or Sponsored Provisional visa Subclass 489. In the skilled sponsored visa, she will have to be sponsored by your father for her to attain it (Benson, 2010).  

Personally I would strongly recommend Helena to fill in the spouse’s visa which perfectly fits her since the main aim she is relocating to Australia is to be with her spouse who in this case is your father. She cannot qualify for the other visas like student, business, or even skilled migrants visas. Therefore as a migration agent, I would advise Helena to go for the spouse visa as this kind of visa most of the times leads to attaining an Australian citizenship. Moreover your father is legible to bring in Helena to Australia since she is his spouse and as you have noted he also has plans for marrying her which even makes this probability stronger through the law (Benson, 2010).

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