Through out the semester have learned many things including writing skill. Have written different papers and this has improved my writing skills. The course assisted me in analyzing and realizing the mistakes which I had in writing and after realizing the mistakes I made a point of improvement. The papers which have written show that my writing skills have improved. The course started while I knew few things about writing. I used to write papers with mistakes without realizing, but the course has assisted me in improvement and noting the areas which need more improvement.


The course taken in the semester has assisted in gaining knowledge of things which could not be understood without studying the course. The course taken assisted in review of social aspect of life. The review of William Shakespeare work has enabled me to understand the natural behavior of individuals. Have understood that people seeks power while engaging in politics. Human beings are always out to exercise their power even parents enjoys controlling their children. The review of Martin Rees work enabled me to get knowledge about nature. The review of the short stories “Cosmicomics” has enabled me to understand scientific concepts. The course of the semester has enabled me to link between nature, science and social world (Morgan 90).

The course has helped me in improving my writing skills. The writing skills I had before the start of the course were not good enough to write essays, letter and reports. Currently, am able to write essays which I could not write before the start of the course. Other writing skills like grammar, citations and critical analysis have changed significantly. In writing am competent in punctuation, use of tenses, spelling and vocabulary. The course has enabled me to make great improvement in writing, but there other areas that needs improvement particularly referencing styles and proper formatting of the paper according to specified style (Chan and Lutovich 45). Typing is a great problem to me and needs improvement because I always type slowly. I need perfection of typing speed and proper use of Microsoft office. Many learners have problem in critical analysis. The learners are not able to include their own ideas from the other researches done, and this is another area that needs improvement (Coe and Rycroft 56).

The course has assisted me in improving writing skills. Have been reading the stories and writings by different authors and through reading have gained writing concepts. Improvement in grammar has been marked by practicing writing while reading other materials written by different authors.  Writing in different topics has helped in learning how to write while citing information from different sources. In William Shakespeare, have written on how different characters desired to express power through politics and other at their homes like Prospero. In the review of nature have written about nature with six numerals has described by Martin Rees. I have written the review basing arguments on Martins work with different quotes from his book. From Cosmicomics I have defined the scientific concepts explained in the short stories (Calvino 78). The papers which have written shows that am able to write using other research has sources while avoiding plagiarism. There are no grammatical errors and other mistakes in my writing and this shows that have gained more skills (Foster 124).


In conclusion, am working with different strategies to improve my writing skills. I will be writing at least two essays or articles per week in order to practice. Reading journals, story books and books written by different authors on daily bases will assist in improving writing skills. In order to perfect writing I will be applying those tactics in studies.

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