Since time immemorial, the black community has been put in the limelight for all wrong reasons and as a result suffered turmoil and discrimination in that matter. This form of misperception is borne out of the fact that stereotyping has taken roots within the American society. It should be noted that this social disorder has been made a basis upon which black identity, irrespective of gender and class, is gauged and criticized in that matter. In this stereotyping, African-Americans are considered to be lazy, dishonest and violent people, whose life is ruined in jails. Therefore, this assignment tries to examine the reasons put forth by the American community in portraying this race in a negative manner.

The origin of the black community in America comes from Africa. African-American community entered America as slaves and they were, thus, considered people of low class and race. For instance, in the 18th century they were subjected to different social atrocities in the society which included unemployment and poor salary. In that case, they were forced to embark on such unsocial activities as theft and burglary in effort to seek basic needs.

Notwithstanding, as a result of unemployment, this race was forced to stay in highly populated areas within cities. It should also be noted that, as a result of unemployment, they were forced to stay behind in homes so that they received government welfare every month. In my opinion, I think that is the main reason behind the race being termed to be lazy and dishonest.

In the course of the 18th century, history has it that this group faced racial stereotyping from their white masters, since they were perceived to be buffoons and lazy servants. Also, it is noted that as a result of this misperception, the black community lost confidence in their race and ethnical background. The positive element of self-esteem diminished with time and, as a result, most of them embarked on selling drugs in the streets, where they formed gangs and cliques that developed to be violent with time.

Most of the black youth embarked on drug abuse, which made them disinterested with education. Consequently, there was increased crime rate and security personnel targeted the aforementioned gangs who ended up in jail. However, this facet did not deter others from pursuing education, since they got educated and launched sensitive-campaigns against segregation of black people.

The negative image put forth to black people is considered a ‘metaphorical symbol’, since it is perceived that black people lack the necessary skills and abilities to conduct such positive activities as legal businesses.  The aforementioned reason contributed to the high rate of unemployment amongst the black communities. Subsequently, the black community is sometimes blamed for the atrocities which befell them. It is noted that they contributed to this negative perception by way of unhealthy competition for limited resources as well as opportunities. For instance, the drug-related gangs in the streets killed each other to occupy and control certain marketing niche.

However, in the contemporary society this negative image continues to exist due to the manner in which black people were perceived. Nowadays, the majority of the black people have defeated all odds to access quality education and, just like any other community in the United States, have received a substantial amount of support, which they have used to explore different opportunities in both public and private sector of the American economy. Unlike the past, nowadays, black people have managed to secure leadership roles which they have used to sensitize people on the matter at hand. In that case, they now own both legal businesses as well as quality homes. Most of them have college degrees, which they have put in use to enrich the society at all costs. Thus, it is insensitive for people to continue believing that black people are still cocooned in past vices like violence and drug abuse, since these vices cut-across all races in the United States of America. It is fair to assume that there are still some of the black people irrespective of class and gender engaging in the societal vice, but it is unsafe to generalize the matter at hand.

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