A drug free environment within accompany is an environment within which the employee or anyone visiting the work place is not allowed to take alcohol on work o when visiting the premises. Pepsi is one of such companies that strive to provide workers with drug free working environments (Pepsiindia.com.(2010). As such, Pepsi Company is highly committed to the provision of a work environment that is safe and healthy as well at its facilities. These efforts are meant to ensure that the workers the company’s employees are protected against risks that can result from abuse of substance at its premises. These efforts are further aimed at ensuring that he safety of those who visit Pepsi, its contractor and vendors is protected.

Though the Pepsi Company strives to achieve the objective of having a drug free working place, the company doesn’t have a proper and comprehensive work place drug policy to guide on issues related to drugs at its premises. This could be dangerous since some workers con opt to come with various drugs and consume them while on job. However, the exiting policy prohibits possession, use sale and soliciting for narcotics as well as other illegal rugs alcoholic drinks as well prescription medication without any prescription on the company or while performing duties. It prohibits the act of being under he influence of alcohol while working. Possession or utilization and soliciting or selling drugs at the company have adverse effect on employees. Such employees negatively affect the security firms

According to Langford (1995) sometimes the company requires testing the employee to determine whether he or she abused any substance recently. The percentage of the alcoholic content in the blood stream should indicate the whether the worker in question has consumed the alcohol .m

However, the company has is yet to implement a comprehensive drug awareness and education program. Little has been done to ensure that the workers understand the implication of coming to work while under the influence of toxic substances. For worker to confirm to a policy however simple there needs to be  a proper understanding of the process going on created through awareness programs.

The company furthermore provides little training to supervisors detect any cases of alcoholism or drug abuse in the factory. It is important to have supervisors know how to detect employees that have consumed illicit substance so as to prevent them from causing damage to the company. This can also save the companies reputation and protect the health of other policy abiding citizens (Langford,, 1995).

The company doe not have a proper employee assistance system when it comes to the management of is employees who are addicts to alcohol and other toxic substances. However, the company has an appropriate employ assistance program when it comes to employees infected with HIV/AIDS. It is necessary for the company to provide necessary assistance to its employees irrespective of their conditions.

Certainly, ensuring that employees are not under influence of any drug during their working hours at the company is very important. Also visitors and those coming to the company should no be allowed to take drugs just before visiting the plant or bringing drugs with them and taking them while at the company (Bizmanualz, 2009) . Such a policy ensures safety of everyone e that is at the factory at any given time and protect the company from loss of property. Also by preventing injuries and accidents the company is protected from stressful and length litigation process and insurance costs associated with the problem. The Pepsi Company should come up with a proper drug-free policy to ensure the safety of the employees, contractors and visitor to the company. In addition, the company should train managers to identify employees who abuse rugs and further provide assistance to the employees.

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