A family is basically the primary functional unit of a society, organization or rather a group of people. It is composed of the head of the unit who is charged with the responsibility of guiding and ensuring smooth running of the social unit. it also has various people with other distinguish roles under proper guidance from the head and they have to give a proper report to the head, it is composed of the third group of people whose function is mainly support  the family by doing the unskilled manpower or rather the third class chores (Bates, & Babchuk, 2005).

In the current society the head of a family is expected to have a proper knowledge of his or her duties. He is also expected to do some proper research about his duties to always update his status together with improvement of his or her skills with the advancement in technology so as to fit in the society and sharpen ways of governance. He is also supposed to be a good strategically plan as the head of the social unit he is expected to have some proper leadership qualities such us teamwork and proper coordination with his entire staff, dedication commitment and integrity. He is also expected to portray a proper image of the social unit be a symbol of unity and some symbol of togetherness within the family unit this will encourage smooth running of the unit and proper treatment of its entire staff in the neighboring  society.

The second group of individuals who make up family is mainly the middle skilled people whose main function is to give proper support to the head of the family unit and are also the bridge between the head and the unskilled manpower, they are expected to help the head to understand understand the unskilled manpower and help the unskilled manpower to understand the head for their proper coordination. The middle skilled manpower is also charged with the responsibility of having the proper social skills, morals and adhere to the accepted code of conduct of the society or rather the family unit.

On the other hand the third party of the family unit is basically the unskilled manpower. Its characters are mainly young and energetic enough to provide proper labour expected from them. They main duties in the family unit is mainly to provide the unskilled manpower within the organization. This is done under the proper guidance of the middle skilled member of the family unit they are expected to be innovative to provide proper services to the unit. The unskilled manpower is also expected to stick to the terms and condition of their employment status such that there is smooth running of the family unit. The unskilled manpower are expected to honor  respect  and integrity to their commissioner who is also head of the family unit for proper running of the family unit.

Apart from having honored to the head the unskilled manpower are expected to support each other amongst themselves proper teamwork is expected to be displayed with proper care for one another and proper handle of their facilities within the family unit. With the membership of the three parties involved in the family unit with each member and his role fully described I believe the family unit is fully defined. All that is expected is to see and ensure that each individual is properly playing as fully distinguished and see to it that there is proper co-ordination amongst its members to see to it that the family unit runs smoothly. The family should also ensure that its members are fully updated with the advancement in technology in the current society so as to fully fit in (Bates & Babchuk, 2005).

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