Due to the level of development and advancement of technology, terrorist acts have also been fashioned with this advancement. The study of terrorism also is developed along the international level from the historical level. The study would reflect on how practitioners like Ernest “Che” Guevara and Carlos Marighella need theorists like Regis Debray and Frantz Fanon, also if this theorist theories justify violence. Terrorism is broadly defined and this term means any form of cohesion through systematic use of terror to gain political mileage. Revolution is an uprising against minority oppression this result to guerilla war fare or peaceful truce.

Latin American Influence on Terrorism

Theorists like Frantz Fanon and Regis Debray all speculates that revolution brought about by source of independent among third world nation like the Latin America states like Cuba, has brought about guerilla war fares which are later translated as acts of terrorisms. Regis Debray exemplifies that revolution is usually adapted by the poor minority peasants whom are oppressed by another developed nation or states. According to White (2009) Debray first appoint that America is the reason why there is terrorism in the world as it oppresses the poor states for their resources. Thus as a defense mechanism this poor nation when apprising against this super powers form guerilla forces, at first they are tamed then they become wild engaging in terrorist ventures of cohesion for their own greedy gains. Frantz fanon a French social theorist also concur that as four factors concluded by Carlos Marighella a Brazilian legislator who is a communist and also involved in theories of revolution, articulates that fashioned revolution which can be referred to urban terrorism is dispensed to eliminate repression from the UnitedState dominance in Latin America. Another theorist whom supported this faction was Ernest “Che” Guevara. He formed allies with Castro to topple Cuban military dictator Fulgencio Batista. The main aim of this urban terrorism through revolution was to have passive disruption fostered by unorganized violence, suppressing government to stop inhumane behavior, uprising because of repression and mostly to gain new leadership as noted by Samson (2005).


These theories do not justify violence. However, when they are not monitored and structured they result to smaller faction rising to demand and coerce government to meet their selfish demand or they unleash an act of terror. The revolution of Latin America has been viewed to influence terrorism but this is because United State continues to oppress them and they attempt to put up resistance.

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