Social workers working in different spheres of life are in one way or another related in terms of skills and qualities they possess. For instance, all social workers are expected to be kind-hearted, volunteers, and patient in nature. Also, they are expected to overlook such acts of discrimination as segregating in terms of the poor from the rich and health status (Pete, & Forrest, 2007). Naturally, social workers are supposed to great listeners. This is because they are supposed to take more time listening to the affected individual before presenting the person with effective advice. Social workers are also supposed to be both empathetic and sympathetic to affected people. In this way they are able to portray humane ability to identify with other peoples’ plight.

Consequently, all social workers are expected to have been called into the profession since it involves more vocational work. This calling is also supposed to depict the passion behind working tirelessly and without much expectation for material gains.

Child welfare and family service are interconnected since social workers dealing with child welfare will have to uncover sources of mistreatment and neglect of children within families. According to social definition poor families are considered as families which are short of basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Adoption and foster care services which are placed within child welfare services need the social worker to look for material information about family background of the child before adoption or when sending them to foster home cares (Childwelfare.Gov, 2010).

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