The concept of responsibility can be considered differently depending on every individual who takes the responsibility with his or her own approach. As for me, responsibility is one of the quintessential features of the human character, and it describes any person much better than any other characteristics or traits. At the same time, a responsible human being cannot be defined in one way only as every person defines it differently.

When we are young, responsibility seems to be a burden that we have to carry as some people (mostly our parents or teachers) teach us how to act responsible, and we see the limitations that responsibility brings along. When people grow older, they start realizing life is impossible without certain responsibilities as every single person has a set of responsibilities, including family, work, social responsibilities etc. I believe family responsibilities are the ones that should always be in the first place. For example, parents are responsible for bringing up their children, and years later children are the one who should bear responsibility for taking care of their senior parents. I feel responsible for my parents as well as my family in general and my children in the future. I believe I should not be responsible for the things I have not done or have not been personally involved in. Although even if a person did not commit something, there might be social responsibility, e.g. responsibility for greenhouse effect, destroying rainforests etc.

Talking of the global issues, things like preserving the environment for the future generations, reducing the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere are the factors forming social responsibility. They should be taken very seriously as they might become crucial for the future of the entire planet. I also believe all the global issues require extreme attention on behalf of the mankind since all the negative effects we have now are the results of the people’s actions. 

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