How to Write an Essay in One Night and Get Good Results?

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Students tend to get a lot of writing assignments that require much time and effort to complete so it is only logical to postpone them to the last day. Kidding, but that is what many people do in hopes to find inspiration later. As a result, they are often left with the only solution which is to pull all-nighters. It is, in fact, possible to prepare a great paper in less than a day. Our writing and editing services have gathered interesting and useful information and tips that answer the question of how to write an essay fast. If it happens that students get only a few hours to complete papers, we hope they find this information useful whether they want to work on their homework or choose to delegate this task to professional writers.

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How to Finish an Essay in One Night when You Are Not Sure what an Essay Is?

An essay is typically a short and well-structured academic piece of writing that explores a certain problem. Such a type of writing was popularized in the 16th century by a French philosopher, Michel de Montaigne. In the past, an essay was a perfect format for discussing ideas in philosophy, politics, and religion. It has become a part of the academic curriculum in the 20th century and presently is used to cover various topics in different genres including creative nonfiction, movie review writing, personal essay, and more.

Essays as homework assignments usually mean that students should provide a paper on a given topic, structure their ideas, and include a convincing thesis. They should also explore their thoughts following current academic standards for formatting and style (for instance, APA essay writing style, MLA, Harvard, and others). It is also important to develop a clear structure for a paper to be more coherent. When students have doubts about being able to write a text, they can ask an expert from our writing and editing services to “help me finish my essay.” We have vast experience in preparing such papers within a limited timeframe and are ready to help students complete their texts in 3-6 hours.

An Easy-to-Follow Structure for Short Essay Writing

You may have many ideas for a paper but be at a loss when it comes to organizing them properly. If you are not sure how to finish an essay, we recommend following a proven 5-paragraph essay structure. Creating a simple outline for such a paper can make you feel like you have already completed at least 10% of your essay in addition to a title page and references:

  • Introduction. Having a short introduction with a strong thesis is already a success because it enables students to focus their writing and make it on time before morning.

  • 3 body paragraphs. Each paragraph should start with an idea that supports a thesis and support it with examples, quotes, or the assessment of different cases.

  • Conclusion. It is the last paragraph that objectively retells the main points. Writing a conclusion for an essay is also rather empowering because it means that your paper is nearly finished.

Writing a long essay can also be based on the given structure with the exception of having more body paragraphs to develop a topic. You can also write this paper fast, especially having some background information on a topic. If you still do not think it is possible to complete, let us say, a 2000-word essay in a night, we hope you find tips from people who have done the task within the same overnight time frame effectively.

10 Not-so-Obvious Tips from Students vs Professional Writers

When it comes to finding a solution to the question “how to write an essay in one night?” there are two categories of people who can help. The first category is students. Interestingly, many learners even jokingly consider writing an essay from dusk till dawn their area of expertise. The second category is essay professors, experienced writers, who make it their job to prepare assignments fast. We compare tips that students and professional writers give to those who wander without a paper online searching for a good piece of advice.

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Tips from Students. Motto - Type Fast and Do not Sleep

  1. Have a brainstorming session with friends. Find 20 min to talk with a friend about a topic. You can basically rant to them about an essay and even if they do have anything productive to add, hearing yourself talk about a topic helps shape the main ideas.

  2. Drink coffee because desperation and energy-boosting drinks are your friends at night. Anything is possible when you have enough energy that makes writing fast easier.

  3. Have a background noise. Many students say it is helpful to listen to podcasts or music to stay awake and focus on finishing your writing project fast.

  4. Do not look at a blank page and start typing anything. Pressure does great things to boost writing. Students indicate that they can write half of an essay without having a proper thesis and then just form it along the way.

A bad essay is better than no essay. You can rewrite a bad paper later but it is much harder to deal with a failure of not providing any text. You do not need to make every sentence sound perfect, rather concentrate on meeting the paper criteria.

Tips from Expert Writers. Motto - Planning and Rest are the Keys to Success

  • Plan your writing according to the time left and leave about 10-20% to outlining ideas, 60% to writing, and 20% to formatting and proofreading.

  • Structure your writing. Make sure to organize your paragraphs and add headings, so the entire essay is cohesive.

  • Follow instructions precisely. Do not deviate from a topic and make sure to meet every instruction criteria to prevent losing points.

  • No distractions. It may be better to get rid of social media, and avoid listening to podcasts and music to focus on preparing an essay over a night.

Take a catnap. It is very effective to combine caffeine with a short nap. According to studies, it takes approximately 20 minutes for coffee to take its effect, so having a  15-minute nap after a cup of coffee will ensure that you are rested and ready to complete a paper before the night is over.

Importantly, both students and experts agree that under no circumstances people should plagiarize essays. Another important tip is to edit your text because sleep-deprived writing requires good editing. If you have no time or energy, you can hire an experienced editor to help you out. It can take an hour or so to order editing services and get an improved essay ready to be submitted the same night.

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Essay Topics that Are Easy to Write about in a Night

If it happens that no topic has been specified by a professor, our essay writing and editing service has you covered. We have created a list of some of the most interesting topics that can be used to prepare an essay fast. The benefits of using one of these topics are that they are relevant and one can find many peer-reviewed sources online.


  • Diversity in health care.

  • Telehealth and telemedicine.


  • Cyber criminal cases.

  • Technology in the fight against terrorism.

Business and Economy

  • Social responsibility. Consider 4 levels of social responsibility in an essay.

  • Globalization: Positive and negative effects of globalization on business.


  • Bullying at the workplace.

  • Cross-culture management strategies.


  • Why To Kill a Mockingbird should not be taught in schools essay?

  • What do writers need to remember when writing a speech that they do not need to consider when writing an essay?

Rare Topics for Creative Writing

  • Why do people strongly respond to celebrities and are so engaged in the lives of famous people?

  • How does AI influence creative industries (for example, writing books, producing movies, creating music, and more)?

Our essay writers and editors are happy to find a topic based on your interests and preferences to enable you finish a paper as soon as possible. If you have any questions, get in touch with support agents and they will try to resolve your issue at once.

FAQs about the Fast Essay Writing Process

You can brainstorm ideas with friends. Also, writers and editors from can help with urgent assignments within 3-6 hours.

Find a paragraph with the weakest point in support of a thesis and delete it.

Repeat your thesis in different words and list a few arguments in support with an implication for future research.

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Skills Short Essay Writers Use to Write Papers in a Day?

Writing a paper in a few hours is a task that requires knowledge and a set of skills to ensure the best academic outcomes. You can rely on our experts to assist with an assignment because they have:

  • Good time management skills;

  • Great focus and strong determination;

  • A clear understanding of a topic and its specifics;

  • Critically thinking and can express thoughts in writing; 

  • Skills to edit and proofread texts. 

Importantly, a professional essay writer has a great typing speed that ensures timely essay completion. Speed is an integral element of success. However, students typically type about 30-40 words per minute with the speed rapidly falling due to tiredness and sleepiness. Imagine someone well-rested, having experience with writing essays on topics similar to yours, and an average speed of typing about 60-70 words per minute working on your task. If this option is appealing, order a custom essay with quality guarantees.

If you have a paper to complete in less than a day, it is time to get started. However, suppose you do not know how to write an essay in one night. Having a plan, an outline, and enough coffee in your system can make the process tolerable. Provided that such writing advantage is not to your liking, you can always ask for help and benefit from professional proofreading and writing. Whichever you choose, you would better do it now.

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